Safeway, Costco, and Guacamole

Happy New Year, everyone! Kate and I spent the day relaxing at home, and then did some shopping. We decided to do a fairly large Safeway run, so we drove the Potrero Hill location. That Safeway is great! It’s beautiful and spacious. I really don’t like the Safeway near us in SOMA. I end up going to Whole Foods more because of that (I like my stores to be clean and organized).
While at Safeway I found the Wholly Guacamole in the dips section. We were introduced to this guacamole at Garry’s place a couple weeks back. Really great guacamole (especially considering it’s prepackaged). I wasn’t looking to buy any today because I picked some up from Costco last week, but I was interested in comparing prices.
When I bought it from Costco, I didn’t even look at the price. I trust Costco to have the best deals on everything. When i saw the price at Safeway (almost $6 for the box!) I was floored. Expensive! So I got home and looked up how much I spent on this at Costco.
Safeway: $5.79 for two 7 ounce pouches. $0.41 per ounce
Costco: $8.65 for three 16 ounce containers. $0.18 per ounce
So Costco was *less than half* the price. And the Safeway boxes were these pouches you had the squeeze the guac out of. The Costco boxes were containers, like tupperware. You could serve the guac right in the container it came in.
If you are trying to save money this year, instead of saving pennies here and there, shop at Costco and cut your bills IN HALF. Another recent purchase: Maglite flashlight. Half the price at Costco vs Target. I love Costco. And I love guacamole.


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