YYZ departure picture

A very different climate from when I arrived just 5 days earlier. 50+ degree weather melted away all the snow. The day was clear but very windy. Driving from Buffalo to Toronto we saw many fallen trees, down power lines, bent signs, and other damage.

Driving by Lake Erie was one of the coolest sights I have seen in a while: huge waves crashing against the rocks, up and over onto the highway. I wish I had taken a photo (or video!) but there was no way I was leaving the safety of the car.



  1. The waves did indeed crash over the road and the police closed the road an hour later…wild and dramatic and unpredictable! That’s what we love about Buffalo..( well, if we’re inside looking out, we love it)

  2. I was stuck on the QEW highway into Toronto when they closed the bridge due to wind flipping over a tractor trailer. Not Fun.

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