The ‘post-mobile’ breathes again

After three years in storage (seriously, was driven maybe 2 times around the block, that’s it), my BMW was brought back to life yesterday. Other than a dead battery (which recharged itself without trouble), the car is running flawlessly. It feels great to drive it again. The Miata is an amazing car, but this is automotive perfection right here. I am so glad I decided to keep it when I moved to New York.

I was thinking about calling it the “Batmobile” but that’s been used a million times. Maybe i’ll call it the “post-mobile”. Any other ideas?


Kate and I have moved into our apartment, I got my cars, my toys, all my old stuff that was stored in my dad’s house. Now we’re truly settled in San Francisco. It feels great to be here.


  1. I’ve wanted that car forever. You should call it the "Sachin is a jerk mobile"!On the other hand, I really like the car I have now; I can hit stuff with it and not care too much.

  2. It looks great, much better than the newer front end we have seen into’d in the UK. It’s a good year.Also, I love Tom’s comment about not caring – brilliant!

  3. roy – No, I’m not posing – I always look like that. It’s my new Cali look; I constantly have my hands up, waving around like I just don’t care… woo woo

  4. Sachin good to see you still have the 330…..would have figured you would have been in an M3 by now. Good Luck on the new venture will be checking it out.–V

  5. Hey Viraj. Considering an m3 eventually. Or maybe an S5 :)<div><br></div><div>You still have the mini? still in mtn view?<br><div><div></div></div></div>

  6. You and me both…….there are some great deals out there. Yup on my 3rd MCS. I left BMW June 07 to join a start up…..

  7. The Sachinmobile, perhaps? Sachmobile has a nice ring to it, too. Anyway, have fun driving that! Being able to drive something you’ve been anticipating for a while now must feel pretty sweet!

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