When less screen space is actually more

A few months ago, Garry blogged about the gorgeous 30″ displays we have the privilege of working on. In the comment thread, there was a discussion about the benefits of a 30″ screen over 2 24″ monitors, which is a common setup since people can get cheap Dell monitors (yuck).

A single large screen is nice because you don’t have to deal with window management, which SUCKS. All your windows are on one screen, clean and simple.

I always used my 30″ as a second screen to my 15″ Macbook Pro. A couple weeks ago I was working over at Garry’s and he suggested leaving my laptop closed and just using the 30″ as the primary screen. Wow. I will never go back to the two screen setup.

Even though I’m basically leaving a 15″ screen unused on my desk, I find myself being way more productive with this setup (I’ve been running with it for 2 weeks now). Not having to move windows between screens or shift my view around actually helps me work faster. I love it.


  1. At work, I dedicate my laptop screen to Outlook and do most everything else on my main screen. In a pinch (ie to compare and edit two docs), I’ll pull another window over to the laptop.My desktop screen is one of those dell models that rotates 90 degrees. It’s the best! Most of my work involves ungodly long word files and pdfs, and it’s so much easier to view an entire page at once (without it being super small).

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