Santa came a little early for me this year

And by Santa, I mean my dad. He drove up from San Luis Obispo with an SUV full of stuff I had stored at his house while I was in New York, but needed/could use now in San Francisco.

Some stuff was practical:

Dining table and chairs
Down comforter

Most of it was just for fun:

Samsung 46″ 1080p LCD
Playstation 3 (mostly for movie watching)
Gran Turismo Prologue and Grand Theft Auto IV (is my productivity about to plummet?)
Harmony 890 remote + ps3 adapter
160GB Apple TV
8 Core Mac Pro w/ 6gb RAM
Set of poker chips (i’ll be hosting games soon!)

Quite a lot of toys to unpack and setup all at once. A few other things showed up at around the same time:
I bought a TV stand from Sean.

I plugged my Samsung laser printer into my airport express and put the printer in the TV stand. Having a networked printer in the living room is super convenient.

I bought a Belkin Flip Dual DVI KVM from Amazon. I am *very* impressed by this product. I used some pretty terrible KVMs while I worked at Apple. Why is it so hard to switch pins? The Flip is awesome. My 30″, all my USB ports, and speakers all switch at the touch of a button using a tiny remote that sits on my desk. Works flawlessly between the laptop and Mac Pro. Pretty slick design.

I guess I was good this year šŸ™‚


  1. yeah, maybe you were good this year. or maybe (as i’ve long suspected) santa’s elves aren’t watching nearly as closely as my parents convinced me they were.sidenote: it’s creepy to tell your children that small men are constantly watching you. and to pretend that you see them peeking into the windows at night. seriously mom and dad…

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