Ting Tings and Hottubs rock 330 Ritch

Kate and I saw The Ting Tings tonight. They totally rocked. Great show. The show was put on by Popscene SF at 330 Ritch. I didn’t realize before the show that Popscene considers themselves an “Indie Nightclub.” It was actually really cool. There were great live DJs playing before the show and between the acts.


The show was much later than we expected, which wouldn’t have been terrible except we didn’t realize it until we got there, which meant we waited for over 30 minutes outside in the cold to get in, and then an hour before the show started.

The opening band was Hottubs I had never heard of them before. Pretty unique music. They were like a female Beastie Boys. They put on an incredible show including dancing through the venue and stage diving, all around super high energy.

They put out a real LP. That’s cool.


  1. You’re right! It was the Hottubs. Confusing because the album cover for the Foxboro Hot Tubs looked like the people we saw last night! Thanks

  2. I was there last night too! The Ting Tings rocked it. Although, it was pretty hot, sweaty and gross where I was standing.I didn’t care for the Hot Tubs. Not my style, but kudos for their energy.Popscene is the best ever. They always deliver good and fun times. 🙂

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