First farewell to New York City

I don’t know how many of these sad farewell posts there will be. It depends on how much of this I can keep bottled up inside.

Kate and I had dinner with Kerry and Sean last night, two of Kate’s best friends. Kerry has been wonderful at planning going away parties and dinners and it’s been great seeing her and others before the big move. Michelle always told me that I have great friends. I do. And Kate also has great friends. I think it really shows something about a person when their friends are great people.

Kerry was having dinner with Tim a few weeks back and Tim was saying how surprised he is that I am moving out of New York City. I love New York. I LOVE NEW YORK. This is the greatest place in the world. People say it’s big and lonely? I don’t buy it. I made more friends here than anywhere else. I ate better, drank better, partied harder. More on that in a future post.

Kerry had the answer. I can move to San Francisco now because of Kate. Kate is the reason why I can leave this city that I fell in love with and return to the west coast. Kate, Kate, Kate. Of course, I love San Francisco too. And I always knew I would return eventually (I thought it would be after a year, but it’s been three years). But I would never have returned to San Francisco as a single guy.

New York City gave me the best three years of my life, and it gave me Kate. I will always love this city, and will always return to it.

Last night we went to Sea for dinner and then Fette Sau for beer. Williamsburg is awesome. Other great Williamsburg spots (I’ve been to most but not all of  these): ForninoSpuyten DuyvilRoebling Tea RoomHotel DelmanoBrooklyn BreweryRosemary’sPeter Luger’sMcCarren Park Pool.


Fette Sau: meat by the pound, beer by the gallon. An incredible whiskey selection. The tap heads are knives.


  1. I just stumbled across this while looking through posterous. I’m a little choked up thinking about how much I myself miss Brooklyn after moving to the Bay Area last January. Sunday brunch at Roebling Tea Room…. *sighs*

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