Halloween 2008 in New York City

Friday night was super fun. Kate and I met Chris, Connie, Del, and Stephanie for dinner and beer at Loreley, an amazing German beer garden/sausage restaurant. After that met Kate’s friends at The Skinny, which, as the name implies, is a very skinny bar. Too skinny (but normally great). We all had a free shot and a PBR and then moved on.

The next stop for the night was Lucky Jacks, another great bar in Lower East Side. There we joined more of Kate’s friends and coworkers, and we had space to spread out and breathe.

The night didn’t end there. Ami Vora joined us, and given we are both total drink snobs, the next destination was obvious to us: Milk & Honey. This worked out perfectly since Kate hadn’t been there before and she definitely had to see this mysterious bar before we move. A secret location, a secret phone number, an unmarked, locked entrance. Too cool. And the drinks were fabulous as always.

Ami was on a mission and so the next stop was the famous Pommmes Frites shop which is just around the corner from me. It’s so close to me, and so delicious, that it’s probably the most dangerous place in New York. I knew that if I went there, I would be hooked and gain 15 pounds in a month. So I somehow managed to not go there my first year in New York, and this was only my third time ever.

Even at 4am the line was long, and they were shutting down. Luckily we were the second to last to get served. We got a large order with a ton of delicious sauces. Of the ones we got, I loved the wasabi mayo and the war sauce (ketchup, mayo, onions). We also got some rosemary thing and some mango sauce.

I love New York City.



  1. Sounds like you had an awesome night. :)Milk & Honey is similar to Bourbon & Branch in SF, a speakeasy themed bar. It’s like B&B was stuck in the prohibition era.I’d have to say Milk & Honey tops B&B after reading their site: "If you’re in the Red Room, you’ll be served drinks containing jagged wedges of ice. We cut these by hand with an ice pick from a twice-frozen block of ice made from mineral water." WOW.

  2. a lot of the high end cocktails bars in New York make it a point to have a cut of ice that’s just right for each drink they are making. It’s pretty cool. i’m looking forward to checking out B&B. I’ve never been there. I do like Rye and Swig.

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