Ticketmaster must die

Ticketmaster, evite, what’s up with IAC and all their craptasic internet properties?

A few weeks ago I bought tickets for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (the show with the Rockettes). Yeah, it’s cheesy, but It’s one of those things I wanted to make sure to do before leaving New York.

Today I got email from Radio City/Ticketmaster: “The 2008 calendar year allowed for a much broader schedule than we’ve had in years past due to the way the natural calendar fell, so we are cancelling a few shows to bring our schedule back to our customary number of performances.”

Ummm, bullshit. You over scheduled, the economy is tanking, you guys can’t sell tickets, and so you are forced to cancel. Fine. My date wasn’t listed as being cancelled, but it was no longer listed as for sale so I called the number in the email. The dude confirmed that my date was now “missing” but wasn’t noted as being cancelled. He passed me on to customer service.

Customer service said since my show isn’t listed as cancelled, he couldn’t do anything for me. “But, ummm, the show is now GONE. It’s clearly cancelled.” “Sorry, I can’t do anything”

I called back and spoke to a supervisor. She noted the oddity that the show was now missing, but not listed as cancelled. She offered to book new tickets for me (which I could just do online). She said I would receive a credit for the original tickets MINUS THE BOOKING FEE.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! Ticketmaster has the most outrageous fees for any service online, and they expect all the customers to pay the fee even when the show is cancelled? The cancellation is the fault of the Radio City Music Hall, not ticketmaster, but their agreement should be such that customers don’t get penalized for cancelled shows.

Outrageous. It took me a few tries to convey to the woman, “Yes, I agree that when I bought the tickets, I probably agreed to your terms of service which means I pay your fee if the show is cancelled. I can’t dispute that. But I’ll say that no one reads those terms, people have no choice but to buy tickets from ticketmaster no matter what ridiculous terms you have there, and i think it’s just plain stupid that I have to pay a single penny if my show gets cancelled.”

I hung up, rebooked the tickets online for a different night, and I’ll give ticketmaster 1 week to refund my money (I use iCal to run my life so this is easy to track). After 1 week, I’ll call Amex and do a chargeback. No way I want to deal with Ticketmaster on this.

If you are looking to buy tickets, check out this awesome site:


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  1. Shoot! I just bought 21 tickets to the Dec 13 Vienna Teng show on Ticketmaster last night. The "convenience fee" was $8.65 PLUS an additional $4.50 service charge per order. I could throttle them.

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