I love Jimmy’s No 43

Last night a group of us went to Jimmy’s No 43, a great little belgian style beer bar literally around the corner from me.


Joe, Gary and I first went to Jimmy’s a couple years ago when it opened. The three of us were sitting at the bar with Jimmy himself, sampling all the incredible brews on tap. “You gotta try this one!” said Jimmy, pouring us free pints. Nice.

Jimmy’s No 43 is one of about 5 bars all clumped together on 7th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues. All those bars are very cool and interesting, not just some generic watering holes. They aren’t packed full of tourists (and by tourists I mean the upper east side kids who come down to the village to make noise and get drunk (haha, sorry, I kid!)).

If Jimmy’s was just another belgian bar in that pack, it would be great. But Jimmy did so much more. First of all, they serve food. Great food. They also have incredible beer tasting events, like beer and cheese or beer and chocolate pairings. They even have a small stage with live music sometimes.

Jimmy created a very unique, cool, somewhat hidden place that went from having 3 customers just 2 years ago (me, Gary and Joe šŸ™‚ ), to now being packed every night (but not in a bad way). The service is incredible, very friendly, and Jimmy himself is still there, greeting people, or helping out in the kitchen.

We showed up last night and admittedly I hadn’t been there in a very long time. I said hi to Jimmy, not sure if he even remembered me. The place was pretty busy and he said he could not give us a table for 6 people. About 10 minutes later he yells over to me from across the entire bar. I go over to him and he quietly directs me to the best table in the place that had just opened up.

I love Jimmy’s No 43 so much. They always have an amazing beer selection. It’s a great place in the East Village that makes me so happy to live in New York. I hope I can find the same sorts of places in San Francisco to go to, and build the same kinds of relationships that I have in New York.


  1. Not here. The others in the area do. Jimmy’s menu changes often. They may have it sometimes, but I haven’t seen it.

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