iPhone headphones, straight from China

I lost my iPhone headphones a while back due to all the traveling, so I had Sean order me some new ones with his discount. $22 shipped. Nice.

Except they shipped to me directly from China via DHL! I know Apple does this a lot for computers, and that makes sense since they are high ticket items, but why for $22 headphones?

They came in the giant cardboard box on the left of this pic. Inside that box was the iPhone headphones box. And inside of that was the actual item. Such a waste of packaging and space.

Apple has been really good about reducing packaging size and being environmentally friendly, but they totally failed here. I should have just walked to the Apple Store.



  1. Could a fouonder or someone implement a place to email you or at the very least report inappropriate content. I am hoping this gets through to the right person. There is a post entitled Panties, in the explore section that I am pretty sure is inappropriate. Thanks, it is actually the first I have seen that is objectionable, well except for the Obama worshippers…ha! Just kidding. Posterous really is a neat site. Thanks!

  2. @Suzanne If you see anything objectionable, just email help@posterous.com and we’ll take care of it.@tim These headphones were only $22 so I’m not married to them. What would you recommend? They are for my iPhone so they need a mic and the play/pause button

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