I love Apple’s product integration

Earlier today I was listening to music on my Apple Hifi in the living room. The music was streaming wirelessly from my Macbook Pro in my bedroom via Airtunes to my Airport Express which is connected to the HiFi. I purchased the music from the iTunes music store. And I was controlling it from my couch on my iPhone using the Remote application that my friend Al wrote. And it all works flawlessly.

And from Engadget, “According to Jason Snell from Macworld, you can use your iPhone earbud button to control iTunes (pause / play, back and forward), and the microphone can be used as a… microphone.” (on the new macbook pro/macbook)

Amazing. I love Apple. They are so smart!


  1. God, so worth it. each piece costs as much as it should. HiFi stereo: $200. Airport: best damn wifi base for $80. macbook pro: i don’t even need to justify this, everyone loves these. And don’t even tell me your arguing against the $200 iPhone. Isn’t is the highest rated mobile device in existence? Yep, it is.If you go out and buy random crappy products ($30 linksys router, $50 ipod dock, etc), sure you can spend less money, but then those products suck. And if you are going to go for higher quality stuff, buy all Apple and everything works together beautifully.Are you a Dell user?

  2. I know it’s worth it. Unfortunately, in my part of world, even an iPhone costs almost as expensive as a MacBook (i.e. no official iPhones and iTMS)..How do you know I’m a Dell user? Because of the price complaint? That gives me the creep because currently I’m using a Dell.I’m a mac, after hours :-p

  3. This is good news about the microphone, especially now that, as I understand it, the mic and audio/rec apps will work on the ipodTouch. Can anyone confirm this? Wish there a camera on the Touch – what’s that little black plastic thing on the back for? Camera upgrade?

  4. Apple is worth every penny. I got my macbook in May, after using a pc my husband built about 5 years ago it has opened up a whole new world for me. Such an easy switch from pc to mac, and I will never go back!

  5. I can’t believe you actually own an Apple HiFi. Must be about the only one not currently working at Apple (thought didn’t you used to?).

  6. @peterdemers the black plastic thing is covering the WiFi antenna. if it were solid metal back there you’d get terrible reception with such a small antenna.

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