Throttle response

It’s been 3 whole years since I’ve driven my BMW 330Ci. I parked it in my dad’s garage in SLO before I moved to New York, and didn’t touch it until this weekend, getting it ready for my move back to San Francisco. I couldn’t drive it much this weekend since it’s still not registered yet. But even with the little driving I did, two words came to mind:

Throttle response

I haven’t driven many good cars in the past 3 years. A few Minis from zipcar, Gary Johnson’s Carrera, Nils’s 335 convertible. Great cars. But even these cars were all automatics. Driving my car was the first time driving a fast, manual sports car in a long time. And the throttle response brought a smile to my face.

Touch the gas and there is no downshift, no turbo lag, no delay whatsoever. Your foot goes down, and your head is pushed back into the seat. Lovely.

Other things I love about my car: window controls in the middle, integrated V1, M3 steering wheel, bilstein suspension. I can’t wait to drive my BMW again 🙂



  1. did you catch my Wankel theme on #1, as for sound on #21 I actually like Mustang Cobras and, kind of, Lambos. They both have more bass in the note but Zondas (like TopGear poteind out) have the look of something out-of-this-world, like the K nigsegg, it’s an exotic car/piece of engineering art

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