My name is Sachin and I am lactose intolerant

I have always been lactose intolerant to varying degrees. The last few years I’ve been really good about carrying Lactaid (brand) pills with me everywhere and eating one before any dairy. I couldn’t live without these pills! Imagine if you couldn’t eat pizza, ice cream, cheese cake, white sauces, or just good smelly CHEESE!

A few months ago I discovered Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerance pills. You just take one per day and you never need to think about your lactose intolerance. It always sucked when I forgot to carry my Lactaid pills. Or if I took one at 7pm for dinner, and wasn’t sure if I should take another at 9pm with dessert.

No more. I’ve been using these new pills for a couple weeks now and they work perfectly. When I bought them on, they were rated 4.5 stars with around 250 reviews. They seem to work well for everyone. I highly recommend them! Dairy rules.


  1. Your body is telling you something with the lactose intolerance. So sad to stuff down the food and the pills that are unnatural to you. 😦

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