New 30" Apple Cinema Display

It was a sad day in May when I had to return my 30″ and 23″ monitors to Apple. It’s a proven fact that productivity goes up significantly with larger screens. I’d say my productivity over the summer was low, but it wasn’t: we just worked more hours to make up for it.

Last week I went to Best Buy and bought a 24″ Samsung display. What a piece of crap. Within a few minutes of use I was ready to throw it out the window (well, take it back). The viewing angle was terrible, and the colors were all washed out. I was expected to install software and calibrate the damn thing. Screw that.

There is a reason why Apple monitors cost more. They use completely different panels and are fundamentally better screens.

Here’s my new 30″ which I set up yesterday:



  1. AJ, I had a 30" sent out to you but the place I ordered from don’t ship to the UK. So they sent it back to me. I guess i’ll have to give it away to someone. Sorry

  2. give it away to meeeeee!funny, i was just going to ask your opinion on apple screens. i really need to get one because my advisor came into my office the other day and said that it looked like i was getting a hunchback, bent over my macbook, trying to see the a 30”? yeah, i can’t afford that. maybe the 20”?

  3. Sam, you should definitely get a new monitor. Your productivity will go up and your posture will be much better :). Even the 20" is great. The Apple’s cost more than the other brands, but i think it’s worth it.Jonathon, no design setup is completely without an apple display. You MUST get one :)Mr Vix, yes i can use my monitor as my only source of light. It’s pretty intense. When the energy saver kicks in, my whole room goes dark.

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