Another Pixar hit: Wall-E

It’s really amazing Pixar can come out with hit after hit. What an incredible track record. Wall-E is in my top 3, after Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo.

What I was not impressed by was the theater experience. I haven’t enjoyed seeing movies in theaters since high school. We were in a small theater with heads in the way, a talking kid behind us, and tickets and drinks were $40 for two people. I don’t think there was surround sound, and the picture quality was not that good. Either of my parents home systems would have been better.

If theaters want people to keep going to movies like they have in the past, they need to make the experience much better. Charge me more if you have to, but give me better service, better quality, and turn that shit up! I want the walls to shake!



  1. I know what you mean about the theater experience being disappointing, never mind being less than what the film makers intended, there is absolutely nothing like seeing a major motion picture @ let’s say the Ziegfield Theater in NYC with real 32 tracks of sound. Where theater goers (some 2,000 or more) sit spellbound by the visual and audio excellence. It’s too bad that so many theater experiences are the kind you had, we stopped going except when we hit the big city to view in the major houses and art venues.

  2. I loved Wall-E too. I didn’t think I would enjoy as much as I did. It was the subtle humour and the ‘love’ theme that got me.

  3. That Ziegfield is a must do at least once in your life especially if you live in NYC. years ago I saw Apocalypse Now there Holy crapwhen the tiger jumps out and the helicopters go from on side to the other or front to back the audio imaging is as big a part of the experience as the stunning visuals. Blade Runner must have been cool.

  4. I recently moved to a small town that only plays 1 movie a week in its theatre. Even though the movies aren’t always brand new the experience is much better than high dollar places back home. Tickets are $5, candy is 75 cents pop is $1 and the screen is big and surround sound works quite well. As much as I miss having a lot of choice in what movies I see I can’t beat a good show and snacks for $6.75 🙂

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