Something is wrong with my iPhone 3G

The battery on my iPhone sucks. It barely lasts a day. But I assumed it was because I’m using it a lot. Lots of web surfing on 3G, push email and calendars to my phone, games, iPod…I’m using the device constantly.

But something still didn’t add up. And now I have proof. Last “night” I went to bed at 6:30am with my phone fully charged. I checked the usage on my phone at 2pm this afternoon and saw this:


7.5 hours of standby…Makes sense. But nearly 6 hours of use? I was sleeping nearly that entire time! And later in the day:


So something is running on my phone that is causing the usage time to go up and the battery to drain. With very little use today it still didn’t last the day. That’s terrible. Oh, and this is with push email off. The phone also feels a little warm even when off so maybe something is running.

I guess I need to go to an Apple store and see about getting a replacement.


  1. I’m gonna perform the same test — mine has been behaving better as of late, but I swear I’ve had times it’ll drain the batter from no use at all…

  2. Just a tip, I might be wrong.Check the "settings" menu. At the bottom, depending on which applications you’ve installed from the app store, you might find some additional menus (I’ve got Facebook, NYTimes, ShoZu and SodaSnap). Check out those menus, as some applications have settings that enable the app to autonomously connect to fetch updated information at fixed intervals..

  3. I find the battery life to be horrendous… If I’m using apps (like reading NYTimes on the streetcar) I can expect it to be dead by the end of the day. I carry the cable around with me.

  4. Thanks! I checked that out and nothing there runs at intervals. In fact, on the iPhone 3rd party apps aren’t able to run in the background at all.

  5. There are two things that you could try.Firstly, as it seems you are mostly using Wifi due to the fact that At&t’s coverages looks to be pretty weak in your area, I would disable 3G data. [Whilst you are at home/office, in an EDGE area]The phone will intermittently try to re-scan for coverage and use it’s 3G. This process is pretty detrimental for the battery.You should also look at disabling the ‘Ask to join’ feature for your wifi. This will prevent the iPhone from scanning the wifi frequencies for accessible networks. It just means that you will have to manually choose the network from a list, if it is unknown.When both of these features are locked down, it should give you a good full hour of extra use.Lastly, it’s also a good idea to fully turn off and then turn on your iPhone before leaving it on standby over night. This will prevent any loop’d processes as a results of bugs etc…Hope that helps.

  6. Thanks for the tips. After a few restarts and the update things are better now, but not great. I turned off push. I will turn off 3G as well. And the tip to turn off ask to join is great! I actually do prefer selecting wifi only when i want to. Thanks!

  7. I was going to suggest turning off 3G as well, I was in the Apple store this weekend, returning my charger (recall) and the rep happened to notice that 3G was enabled. In areas where there is plenty of 3G to go around, while being a good thing, it unfortunately drains the bloodly hell out of the phone’s battery life. He kindly suggested disabling 3G when not needed. Hope your phone is running better now. I too, will follow some of the other tips, left above. Cheers!

  8. Apple really should make the process of turning 3g off simpler. <br> Honestly, they ought to build in support for profiles like they have <br> for their laptops (I want a profile I can switch to that disables: <br> push/pull, 3g, and wifi) — then I could switch it on much like you do <br> for the airplane profile…

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