The iTunes app store

Such amazing execution of a phone SDK. Great development tools, an easy distribution system, good for developers, consumers, and Apple. I already have 20 applications, lots of great stuff. Pandora, NYC transmit, loopt, Remote, some cool games. Shazam is amazing. It listens to music being played and tells you the song info. Takes 20 seconds and has been 100% for me so far!

David Pogue describes:

The App Store–oh, man, the App Store. It’s a candy store, dude. It’s 550 free or cheap add-on programs that make the iPhone (or the iPod Touch) do absolutely amazing things…stunts a cellphone has no right to perform.


  1. I didn’t realize when I bought this thing that I was buying a handheld gaming system. It’s so revolutionary, and yet its only the tip of the iceberg. Imagine the future: video chat on the go, the ability to post and upload HD-quality video, and a network of sites to support that, plus competitors working to match and exceed the features. It’s a good time to be young, because when we’re 60 this will be old hat.

  2. yeah man, my friend was showing me some app where you sing the song and it figures out what song it is.i mean, it’s like a built in drinking game. in your phone!!! do you think apple realized that the appstore is the thing that’s gonna make the iphone blow up?

  3. Now I’m just waiting for someone to release some app that allows sending multiple pictures on a single email. When this’ll happen, I’ll have the perfect mobile tool for posterous, hehehe 🙂

  4. <div dir="ltr">hmm. perhaps someone at Posterous could make something like that…if only we knew the people who invented posterous…<br><br></div>

  5. I don´t like App Store doesn´t let us download Beta software. The developers need to bring their softs to us to really taste it.ufff, you guy got what I wanted to tell? cause I didn’t!!! English is the worst enemy of my tongue (what?!)

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