Will Amazon Lose Sales Because It Collects New York Taxes?

Iwas about to order something from Amazon.com but seeing the salestax added made me hesitate. It’s no longer a mindless decision tobuy from Amazon.

Plus,if I’m buying Apple products I’m going to buy directly from Applenow since I’d rather Amazon NOT get a cut of the sale (assuming theprice to me is the same).



  1. I have Amazon Prime. Getting that made me use Amazon way more. It became economical and quick. See something I wanted, click to buy. Often didn’t even consider going to a store to buy it.You’re right. Adding on sales tax above that makes it a much less clear choice.But since Amazon is still often quicker for me, I may continue. I’d rather spend my "errand time" on things I can’t do online.

  2. true. I have Prime also and that has been huge in getting me to buyfrom them more. But for example: buying a lens from B&H meant icould pick it up today but i paid tax. Or I could buy from amazon,no tax, get it in 2 days. Now if both charge tax, I might just walkto B&H or the Apple store for instant gratification.

  3. Yeah, working from home makes going to stores in the middle of theday easier.? For me thats always been a pain. <br> <br> —

  4. I haven’t read up on this too much. I’ll look into it. Though i’mnot sure Amazon has much of a case. Technically if anyone buys fromAmazon and doesn’t pay sales tax, they are supposed to pay it laterwhen they do their taxes. So if New York wants it collected upfront, I don’t actually see what’s wrong with that. I always foundit strange that these retailers DIDN’T change tax (of course Ididn’t complain)

  5. I just hope they dont’ get the same idea here in California. Ialways <br> thought it was weird too, but how can they regulate the internetslike that.

  6. They are going to regulate the internet just like any otherretailer in the country :). I am pretty sure California tried topass this rule also but it failed. Just a matter of time beforewe’ll be paying sales tax on everything we buy,

  7. Amazon works hard to not charge taxes for its online orders. If they are charging taxes in NY, then you can be sure the state is forcing them to do so.

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