1. Dude that would seriously be awesome. I want a shower head thatlooks like the dinosaur in Jurassic Park that stuck out its tongueand spit poison!

  2. Dinosaurs are great. You’d think that kids would be more afraid of dinosaurs because they’re actually gigantic evil monsters… but then again the passage of time always makes big evil things seem less scary. Since dinosaurs happened so long ago, they are now in the realm of cuddly happy things that can be on shower curtains.

  3. Just today, my coworkers and I were wondering why little girls havea <br> similarly unilateral obession with horses at some point in theirlives. <br> Someone said it’s about taming some large wild beast and making ityour <br> friend. I think it’s because they’re pretty, and useful. Whoknows.

  4. Theres an interesting cause and effect question here. Do toys andcartoons get made about horses, dinosaurs, construction workers,trains, etc… because kids like them or do kids like them becausethat is what they get to play with?

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